The following comment was written on a social media platform:

Please do not tell me that you are a Christian but plan to vote for the Biden-Harris administration. While I realize that President Trump is not perfect, you need to realize that nobody said he is. In fact, no one is perfect! Jesus didn’t even call himself good! However; Trump’s politics and policies are much more parallel with the word of God, than the extreme radical leftist of today’s generation. Whatever makes you feel safe, even if it means wearing a mask, do your part and go to the polls and vote! If you’re not registered to vote, get registered! Your vote counts! I will not stop being a martyr for Biblical principles and Good vs Evil! WE MUST TAKE A STAND! #FoxNews

There are so many things wrong with this comment, where does one even start? Once upon a time, people were encouraged to vote according to their conscience. That has changed, at least among American evangelicals, where support of Donald Trump often runs parallel with being a true Christian.

The very idea that a voter must vote for Donald Trump or they’re not a Christian is divisive rhetoric, but, honestly, I get it. I was once a Trump supporter, and a passionate one. Not because I was in love with Trump himself, but mostly because I was afraid of Hillary Clinton and the democrat party that wanted to destroy this nation with its liberal agenda – so I thought.

The truth is, many evangelical Christians have been sabotaged by the ideology that republicans are doing God’s work, while the democrats are doing the devil’s. One prominent minister who Pastors a mega Church in the state of Texas referred to the democratic party as. “the atheist group who hates religion.”

This same Pastor has also made a comment that anyone who is serious about their faith could not vote for Joe Biden. He also has said, “the only evangelicals who are going to vote for Joe Biden are those who have sold their soul to the devil.”

This kind of rhetoric has been echoed by other evangelical ministers. For instance, one minister recently made the claim that the democratic party has been seized by the spirit of anti-Christ. Referring to the antiChrist in such a manner has become a form of political bullying and weaponizing used to push one’s religious ideology onto others.

Within evangelical teachings, there is a  “conspiracy ideology” about the meaning of antiChrist. Many believe it refers to a political leader who is going to take over the world. Unfortunately many evangelicals have embraced the conspiratory belief that Donald Trump is the only thing standing between them and the “antiChrist’s system” which will be released if the democrats are voted into office.

From a secular point of view, it’s actually a brilliant strategy if you want to play on the fears of a large segment of your constituency. Trump has been prophesied over and about ad nauseam. He’s been touted as a King Cyrus. He has declared himself the chosen one, and many evangelical preachers (especially those with large followings) defend him to no end while turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to his many ungodly actions.

Unfortunately, many unbelievers have been emboldened in their resistance to the gospel, as they observe the hypocrisy of many evangelical Christians who not only embrace but proudly broadcast their unhinged support of Donald Trump.

Their conspiracy theories about the antiChrist is playing out right before their eyes. Their unhinged loyalty to Donald Trump actually mirrors the ideology which many of them embrace about the “man of sin” who will deceive the world.

The real truth is that many evangelicals (not all, but many) have been indoctrinated with an ideology which is weaponizing Christianity in such a manner that it insults and/or demonizes anyone on the democrat ticket. Such an undivided loyalty to Donald Trump makes it easy to smear, insult, and slander any democrat, even a fellow Christian democrat.

The verbal abuse that some Christians endure because they cannot in good conscience vote for Donald Trump, is disturbing. Especially when their Christianity is marginalized and their salvation is questioned. Undermining the faith of others because of political ideologies, is not a Christian virtue.


  1. The answer is not to vote either one of them. You cannot be a Christian and vote Democrat. They are pro-abortion even up to 9 months, believe in evolution which is atheism, believe in Lifestyles contrary to what God says constitutes a marriage and many many other anti Christian views. The right side although appearing to be the better choice have their own issues.


    • Saying “you cannot be a Christian and vote Democrat” is not a conclusion that advocates responsible Christianity. There are many Christians whose decisions are well thought out who may vote Democrat.

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