On August 26th, CBS reported that 12 million people have lost their employer sponsored health insurance during the pandemic. Obviously, this number continues to grow. In addition, 21 million people are in danger of losing health insurance if the Supreme Court rules in President Trump’s favor to repeal Obama Care. This would bring the total to an alarming 33 million people who will no longer have health insurance.

Among this 33 million, there is sure to be a pregnant woman or two.

What does the pregnant mom who has two children, who is dependent on food banks, and doesn’t know how she is going to pay her next month’s rent, do when she has complications with her pregnancy?

Being pro life is so much more than just simply taking a mob mentality and a moral stance on “life begins at conception.” If we are truly pro life, we must stand for those things which support life. Having no ability to cover medical costs is not a pro life stance. It is pro death. Unfortunately, many of Donald Trump’s supporters have a pro life stance that isn’t well thought out.

If you are going to be pro life, be “pro LIFE!”

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