The following is a response to Mario Murillo’s article: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED BETWEEN THE PROPHETS AND THE ELECTION.

Mr. Murillo, in the beginning of your article you give this qualifier, “I did not prophesy a Trump victory, but I supported the true prophets who did.”

In response, it is highly questionable that those who prophesied of Donald Trump’s reelection are true prophets. While I do not know which ones you are specifically referencing that you supported, I do know many of the so-called prophets who predicted Donald Trump’s re-election did not repent but instead doubled down after he lost the election. Many of them continued to give more false prophecies, claiming that Trump would still win the election. At the time of my writing this, there are some who are still claiming Donald Trump will be President (not in 2024, but this time around), and the inauguration of Joe Biden was more than 2 weeks ago.

In your article, you argue that the prophecies were not wrong, but instead “lukewarm” Christians were to blame for Trump not winning. Are lukewarm Christians the reason these prophets kept spewing out false prophecies for weeks after the election was over? What about those who continued to claim that Donald Trump will be President even after the inauguration of Joe Biden? Are lukewarm Christians also responsible for these prophecies being false? Where does it end, and when are those who prophesied falsely (causing much damage to the cause of Christ) going to be held accountable?

Even after the inauguration of President Joe Biden, there are those among evangelical ministers who refuse to acknowledge the presidency of Joe Biden. Such behavior is not a display of spirituality, but rather of pride and disobedience to the Word of God with regards to how we are to conduct ourselves as servants of Christ.

Respectfully, these prophets you are defending did not speak on behalf of God. They followed Donald’s Trump’s lead who months before the election was making assertions that the only way he could lose the election was if it was rigged. The false claim that the election was stolen comes from Trump’s rhetoric, not from revelation from God. The so-called prophets prophesied by inspiration from Donald Trump, and not by inspiration from the Lord.

In your article, you do not place the responsibility for their false prophecies where it belongs. Instead you blame, as I mentioned above, lukewarm Christians who did not vote for Trump or pray for his reelection. Since when did support for Donald Trump become the gold standard for determining whether a Christian is dedicated to the Lord or not? By declaring such things, you are defending false prophecy with false accusations and advancing Christian Nationalism instead of sound doctrine according to the truth of the gospel of Christ. 

The “Trump prophets” were wrong because their prophecies were not from God!

Some of these very same “prophets” boasted against the coronavirus, prophesying false hope as if it would pass over quickly with minimal effects on the United States. Were those false prophecies also the fault of lukewarm Christians?

Did any of the false prophets you are defending warn of extremism and deadly violence which we saw play out at our nation’s Capitol because of Donald Trump’s rhetoric? Did any of them warn against “cult loyalty” to Trump and the detriment it would cause to evangelical credibility? Did any of these Trump prophets ever stand up to speak truth to power and hold Donald Trump accountable? There were many opportunities to do just that. Did any of them warn evangelicals against the political rabbit hole leading to right wing extremism?

A fundamental problem with your defense of these “prophets” is the misrepresentation of what the ministry of a prophet actually is. The prophets in scripture were not fortune tellers going around predicting the future and casting blame on others when they were wrong. The prophets in scripture, like Isaiah and Jeremiah, were preachers of the Word of God who spoke God’s Word with integrity regarding righteousness and truth. Within the context of serving God in righteousness, God would show them what he was going to do, and they would prophesy accordingly, and God fulfilled his words!

In the book of Acts, the apostle Peter said of the words of the prophets that spoke of Christ, “… those things, which God before had shewed by the mouth of all his prophets, that Christ should suffer, he hath so fulfilled.” ~ Acts 3:18

Nothing Israel or any other nation had done could stop the words of God from coming to pass which he had spoken by the mouth of his prophets. If God says it, he will fulfill it! God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? ~ Numbers 23:19

Be careful you do not fall into the error of defending false prophecy with false teaching about prophecy.

You referenced of 2 Kings 13, with the following explanation:

We read in 2 Kings 13 about a prophetic prediction. Jehoash the king faces the doom of the Syrians and beseeches the prophet Elisha for God’s help. “And Elisha said to him, ‘Take bow and arrows.’ And he took bow and arrows. And he said to the king of Israel, ‘Put your hand upon the bow.’ And (Jehoash) put his hand upon it, and Elisha put his hands upon the king’s hands. And (Elisha) said, ‘Open the window to the east.’ And he opened it. Then Elisha said, ‘Shoot.’ And he shot. And (Elisha) said, ‘The Lord’s arrow of victory, the arrow of victory over Syria. For you shall smite the Syrians in Aphek until you have destroyed them.’ Then he said, ‘Take the arrows.’ And he took them. And he said to the king of Israel, ‘Strike on the ground.’ And he struck three times and stopped. And the man of God was angry with him and said, ‘You should have struck five or six times; then you would have struck down Syria until you had destroyed it. But now you shall strike Syria down only three times” (2 Kings 13:15-19).First, Elisha prophesies the complete destruction of Syria at Aphek, saying, “For you shall smite the Syrians in Aphek till you have destroyed them.” But the king failed to seize the promise, and rather than striking repeatedly, Jehoash made a half-hearted effort. The promise, though valid was thwarted, and the prophet said, “But now you shall strike Syria down only three times.”

This text has nothing to do with the Trump prophecies falling because of lukewarm Christians. Jehoash, the King of Israel, came to Elijah while on his deathbed. This all happened in the same setting, and Jehoash’s failure to strike the ground 5 or 6 times occurred before his encounter with Syria in which he was told exactly how it would turn out before he engaged in that battle.

Elijah did not prophesy about the King’s encounter with Syria and then after the battle give an excuse as to why his prophecy did not come to pass. This was a dialogue in a single setting and all occurred beforehand. Elijah told the King exactly what would happen before it happened, and then Elijah died in the same setting.

In your interpretation of the scriptural reference above, you say the following:

That is a direct parallel with what happened in America. There were true prophets and false prophets. And, while their messages about Trump seemed the same, there was a stark difference. The true prophets rightly coupled the promise of Trump’s victory with a call for the Church to repent. But the false prophets spoke as if we were entitled to an automatic victory. We also entered a “but now” moment, just as the king did. Elisha said, “But now you shall strike Syria down only three times.” In the same way, now, we got an election win, but not the victory to carry us over the finish line. Just as the prophet ordered the king to “take arrows and strike the ground,” so God ordered the American Church to rally around Trump. The true remnant struck the ground, but many others did not. Some misguided voices diluted the church’s ability to run with the prophetic promise.

In response to your assertion that the true prophets rightly coupled the promise of Trump’s victory with a call for the church to repent. I ask the following: repent of what? Not supporting Donald Trump? Your entire message is steeped in Christian nationalism rather than the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Biblical repentance has nothing to do with supporting a political candidate to win an election so as to enforce your morality on others.

By saying “we got an election win,” you are advancing a lie. Donald Trump lost this election. Your claim that God ordered the American church to rally around Trump is a false statement. There is not a single text in all of the New Testament that supports the ideology that Jesus would order his church to vote for a political figure and those who didn’t would be in disobedience.  I walk with God and I voted for Joe Biden. I received no directive from the Lord ordering me to vote for Donald Trump, and I am sure there are many others who would say the same.

You then claimed “the true remnant struck the ground, but many did not.”

When did Donald Trump and MAGA politics become the plumb line for determining who is the “true remnant” of believers among Christians in the United States? Christ alone is the standard for the people of God and Christ alone is the Captain of our salvation, not Donald Trump!

In your closing, you reiterated saying, Nevertheless, we struck the enemy three times, and we actually did win the election. Trump won by a landslide. But we did not get the full victory that would have come if the fraud had been exposed and overturned. That victory was in God’s original plan, but the American Church’s response was simply too little, too late. We could have taken more authority over demonic power. We needed the lukewarm to repent. That is why we saw the Supreme Court collapse, and why Mike Pence and other Republican leaders chose to save their own political careers, rather than save the nation. On January 6th, a demonic blanket of evil fell over Washington as Antifa, and BLM protestors posing as Trump supporters, along with a few misguided rightwing extremists, allowed the march to walk into a trap, release great tragedy, and handed the enemy an excuse to try and destroy Trump permanently. That plus the lethal combination of ‘woke’ Christians, false prophets, and assorted cowards, combined to weaken the enforcement of the true prophecy that Trump would remain in the White House. Instead, we have a puppet and a Jezebel spirit lurking in the people’s house.

Nevermind the fact that Donald Trump’s contesting of the election failed in court some 60 plus times. In all, there were approximately 86 lawsuits by Trump and others contesting the election results. Nearly all the suits were dismissed or dropped due to lack of evidence. Nevermind the fact that Mike Pence had a constitutional responsibility to oversee the certification of the electoral college votes, and there was nothing he could legally do to give Trump the victory. Never-mind the fact that Trump supporters made videos of themselves breaching the Capitol which they posted on social media sites, and are now being rounded up by the FBI.

Nevermind the truth –  it’s somebody else’s fault, it’s those lukewarm and woke Christians. Could it be the real culprits for Trump’s loss were those who built a shrine to him in their thoughts? Maybe the American evangelical church needs to get their focus on God and on Christ again and become the fragrance of Christ to our fellow Americans rather than trying to bring our country under our rule of Americanized Christianity. Just maybe we need a refresher course in true Biblical evangelism.


  1. So you claim to be a christian and voted for Biden. Your a baby killer as well as he is. I hope your blindfold falls off before its too late. Your so blind you cant see the lies and evil the democrat party has done. You better start reading the true word of God! Anyone with half a brain could see the election was stolen, and they set up Donald Trump. Wake up! Before you wake up in Hell.
    I wont answer any emails from satans followers, so dont bother sending any.


  2. Michael, found your site while studying for a message; ironically, I also live in Atlanta metro (if only I needed a flooring guy…but then, I’m friends with Bob Haddon of Northside Flooring, so there’s that). Anyway, you’ve got a good site here, and you are dead-on correct about Mr. Murillo and his phony words. Sadly, too many evangelicals have reposted this guy’s nonsense over the course of the past 4-5 years. He is not a truth-teller, but a Trump-apologist from the word “go”, and is willing to tell all manner of untruths in his support of the ex-president.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. This writer says he voted for the wicked policies of Joe Biden and the democrats. Accordingly, he is deceived at best and a false brethren at worst. Steer clear of this man even though he speaks truth about the false prophets of today.


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