I recently sent the following text to a dear friend:

Brother, I just want to let you know that I did not vote for Donald Trump this time around. I voted for Joe Biden. As a result I have been called a baby killer and told I like pedophiles. I have been told I am leading people to hell. 

I saw what Trump was provoking in evangelicals (the cult like loyalty) and turning people away from the purity of the gospel. What happened on Jan 6th at the US Capitol is just the tip of the iceberg of how deep into sin Trumpism is leading people. Evangelicals have lost so much credibility with the world and I am very grieved by this.

I hope this does not change our friendship, but I wanted you to know. It’s not about politics, its about the state of Christianity in our country and the heart of evangelicals.

I have written a number of articles addressing this and I pray that Pastors will have the courage to teach their congregations to live after the Spirit of Christ, being people of grace, compassion, understanding, and patience, rather than people of political strife and hatred towards those who have differing views. 

We will never win the lost through political warfare, only through the gospel of Christ. 

Jesus said, by this shall all men know that you are my disciples, because you have love one for another. If we would truly listen, we would see that God is actually using the lost to tell us that we are not representing his Son. And that is to the church’s shame. 

Thank you. I love you and I hope I haven’t disappointed you.

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