My dear friend, Ed Rosella of Eleos international Ministries is in direct contact with Romanian Christian workers who are actively helping Ukrainian refugees at the Romanian/Ukraine border. I want to share some of the information that Ed is relaying to friends and supporters of the of the Romanian charity he works with. This is a massive crisis for real people need our prayers and support.

In a recent email Ed shared the following:

Our Romanian partners have brought hundreds of Ukrainian children and their mothers from the border into the safety of Romanian homes. Our Romanian partner, Avram Gal (Director, Asociatia New Life International Romania) shares his thoughts concerning the children he is seeing at the Ukrainian-Romanian border.

“Children suffer the most in these moments.  They do not understand what is happening and why they have to separate from their fathers. They are scared, and at the slightest noise made by planes, they panic and run into their mothers’ arms. These little ones have no blame; why should they suffer the hardships of this world at such a young age? Only God knows what they are going through! The scenes and tears seen on both sides of the border are unimaginable. The children are crying, the parents are crying, and no one knows when and if these families will ever be reunited.

Mothers do their utmost to be sure that their children have the best possible future in such situations. Thus, they often travel many kilometers on foot, in the cold, fighting in parallel with hunger, and with unknown situations.

We remain optimistic, but we are preparing for the worst. That is why I invite you to join the efforts to support us as we help the incoming waves of refugees. I have been at the Ukrainian-Romanian border since the beginning, and I confess that the despair in the eyes of the people who arrive is increasing day by day.”

Below are some photos of some of the children of refugee families. If interested, you may donate to help following this link: