Thank you for visiting my site, I hope that it is a blessing to you. It is my joy to share the Word of God freely. I have a passion for the truth of the gospel and I seek to encourage wholesome and sound doctrine that glorifies Jesus.

I am not funded or financially supported by this site. I actually pay annually to have it and to share the word of God freely, and it is my joy to do so. By trade, I am a flooring and tile contractor in metro Atlanta Ga, USA. I am also currently in the beginning stages of building content from my business for my YouTube channel. One way you could help me is simply by subscribing to my YouTube Channel (it will not cost you anything). Once I have steady growth and reach the requirements set forth by YouTube, I will be able to monetize my channel. 

Here is a townhouse where I installed laminate floors and remodeled 2 stair cases: https://youtube.com/shorts/HuDLzy5ryCo?feature=share

Here is a video of the first job I completed in 2022: 

I am also posting a link to my business website for those who may be in the metro Atlanta area.

And please continue to follow this site and allow me to share the truth of God’s word with you. 

Blessings, Michael

19 thoughts on “About

  1. I have recently found your blog. You my friend, are a TRUE Christian. I would really like to meet you one day. Hopefully Lord Jesus willing, we will.

    thank you for your words and strength.


  2. Can i share your writings on my FBwall? I had copied and pasted one and used anonymous ?
    Better safe than sorry. Blessings to you i love your writings 🙂


    • Hi Nancy, thank you for your interest in my site. I just added a follow button. I have followers but I think most of them already have wordpress accounts, so your question really brought something I needed to do to my attention. Thank you.

      The follow button I just added is on the right hand side near the top of the page just under the search bar and is highlighted in blue. Once you click on that button, you will get signed up to receive emails when I write a new post. Let me know if this helps.

      Thank you again.


  3. Michael, I just subscribed to your Youtube channel because I want to support you.
    I bless you in the name of Jesus Christ to continue to teach his Word from a pure and honest heart, seeking only to please your Father in Heaven.
    May God bless you for not asking for financial support on your website.
    In Christ, Dwight Strubhar 717-517-2179


  4. Hi Michael, I’ve been reading through a number of your posts as of late and I must say, it has been a encouraging experience. I just finished reading through your lengthy post on Israel and New Testament Doctrine, which I found both confirming and enlightening. I intend on reading through it once again. Other posts you have written are equally encouraging. Just wanted to thank you for your excellent work in clarifying God’s Holy Word. God’s continued blessings on you and yours.


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