My Original Post:  Pro-life or pro-birth? If we are truly “pro-life”, why aren’t we concerned for the life of those who were not aborted, like the 19 yr old DACA immigrant who has grown up and lived in the USA since 1 year old. Imagine the terror he/she feels at the thought of being deported.

WOF Preacher: Because nations mean something.  God instituted Nations.  One glw2obal nation is Anti-christ.  Acts 17 Rev 5.  What wrong with making their country great?

My Response : So deporting someone who has grown up in this country, & loves this country makes America great? Acts 17 & Rev 5 does not support your position. Maybe you should consider the compassion of Jesus rather than fearing the Anti-Christ.

WOF Preacher: You’re the one going against the word of God.  He is the one who set nations in order.  You disagree with God, not me.

My Response: No, I am not going against the word of God. I can expound oo the the Word of the Lord. You are twisting verses to fit your political views. Go learn what God commanded Israel with regards to how they were to treat foreigners who were not native born.

But the stranger that dwelleth with you shall be unto you as one born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God. ~ Leviticus 19:34

Love ye therefore the stranger: for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt. ~ Deuteronomy 10:19

WOF Preacher: You don’t have a clue.  Out of the mouth of 2-3 witnesses.  The word Nation means something.. You’re the one taking a verse out of context.

My Response: There is not a single witness in all of scripture which teaches us to be hard hearted against young people who are immigrants who grew up in this country.

Acts 17 is NOT a “proof-text” for terrorizing young people by deporting them. It has absolutely “nothing” to do with supporting immigrants. You have read your our political ideas into the text.

WOF Preacher: It’s a proof text that God doesn’t want nations to allow themselves to be taken over. And it’s against the anti-christ spirit of globalism. Maybe you just don’t know enough.

Strangers go back to live in their own country. Like visitors.

My Response: You really think Paul was preaching against globalism when he was preaching to the pagan men of Athens? Unreal!

You are so fixated on the Anti-Christ through globalism, yet the Bible reveals that the spirit of anti-Christ denies the Father and the Son. You have repeatedly side stepped Paul’s preaching the gospel of Christ in Acts 17 in favor of your “global anti-Christ” ideology.

WOF Preacher: U just don’t believe the way God believes about nations.  That’s all. And you conflate..

My Response: How is that you don’t understand that Jesus had ancestors who were immigrants who were shown kindness? Ruth the Moabite is one example.

WOF Preacher: How many Ruth’s were there? Who said dont show them kindness?  But they belong to their nation.  What’s wrong with their nation?  Why can’t they go back and change their nation? History must be your weakness.

My Response: History supports my position, because immigrants help make this country great.  If a 20 year old came here when he was 6 months old, and this country is all he knows, this is home to him. I marvel at your hardness and attitude.

WOF Preacher: Hardness. About that goose? How many Ruths were with Naomi?  And Now we know you are deficient in history. But Acts 17 is staring you in the face. and you are on the side of the anti-christ by posturing for globalism. Sorry.

MY Response: If a 20 year old DACA immigrant who had grown up in your church, came to you in tears seeking your prayers and support that God would make a way for her to stay, even though the President wanted to deport her, your response would be…????

WOF Preacher: You would encourage people to break the law?  Have you never read Romans 13?

Me: At one time slavery was the law, but that did not make it right in God’s eyes and abortion is currently legal. Are you going to take the same “its law” position with abortion? And yes, I teach Romans 13

My Response: You, a Pastor, saying this is a “proof text” to support a view of “nationalism” and calling it the Word of God. Wow! In Acts 17 Paul is not talking about the antiChrist spirit of globalism, or national boundaries. Paul is preaching God as creator of all men in view of the gospel.

WOF Preacher: Who said he was?

My Response: The text in context.

WOF Preacher: Who said anything about treating them badly.  But their country is their own country.  And they should go back home.

My Response: How is allowing young people (DACA Immigrants, who grew up in the United States) to live (here) in their home land, a take over against our nation? God did not teach Israel to think that way under the Law, and Israel was the only Theocracy in history.

WOF Preacher: It ain’t their homeland. You already said they were strangers.

My Response: If they have lived here all their life, and is all they know, this is their home. How would you like to be deported to a country you know nothing about and told “start over”! Your position as one who should stand for Christ, is appalling.

WOF Preacher: U r a professional conflator. Unreasonable

My Response: No, I am a Christian who loves Jesus and honors God’s Word, but you insult me for telling you the truth. Paul is not preaching “nationalism”. He’s on a missionary journey preaching the gospel to pagans. That is contextually what’s happening.

WOF Preacher: if you feel insulted that’s your problem. you keep denying that God set Nations in order with boundaries. Why? And Revelation 5. nations. even in the millennium there are NATIONS.  Why do you not want nations.

My Response: This is unbelievable. You have literally taken a text which speaks of the redeemed of the Lord from every nation before the Throne of God in Heaven and use it as a “proof text” for your deportation political position.  That is repulsive!

My Response: With regards to your insults, it speaks to the weakness of your position that you have to revert to insults.

Your description on your twitter page says, :Preaching the Liberating Word of Faith Message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!”  You may want to take that down because you pervert Paul’s gospel message in Acts for your “political” advantage.

You are so fixated on the Anti-Christ through globalism, yet the Bible reveals that the spirit of anti-Christ denies the Father and the Son. You have repeatedly side stepped Paul’s preaching the gospel of Christ in Acts 17 in favor of your “global anti-Christ” ideology.