The misnomer known as “replacement theology” is actually a condescending label rooted in “a political ideology” and not spiritual truth.

I do not know anyone who truly is a Christian who claims that Jewish people can’t be saved. The problem with the term “replacement theology” is that those who accuse others of it, do not clearly define what they mean by it in view of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If Israel in the flesh maintains its former covenant status with God, then the cross is made of no effect. If Israel in the flesh maintains a covenant relationship with God after rejecting Christ, then the Messiah-ship of Christ is called into question. If Israel maintains a “national covenant identity” in the sight of God which separates them from all other nations, the New Testament is disqualified.

In Christ, the Gentiles “through faith” have become the people of God even as the Jews who believe are the people of God by faith. Furthermore, Jews who reject Christ have become as the Gentiles who reject Christ, for their circumcision has been made uncircumcision, and God has concluded them all in unbelief, that he might have mercy upon all (who believe in Christ).

Has the Jew been replaced? No! By no means.

It is the covenant that has been replaced. The covenant which God gave to the physical nation of Israel is the Law given through Moses. This covenant gave Israel a national status and it has been made obsolete by a better covenant established on better promises.

The Gentiles have not replaced the Jews, but Christ has replaced the covenant which came through Moses and in Christ God has removed that which separated the Jew from the Gentile. All have sinned and come short of the glory of God and THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between the two!

Yet, many are being taught that allegiance to the secular state of Israel, regardless of their attitude towards Christ, is a prerequisite to being blessed by God and this is contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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