The greatest problem I have with the theology of Christian Zionism is that it is a narrative based on a collection of scriptures that have been placed together in a way that is contrary to the Biblical narrative. In the Biblical narrative of the story of Israel, the coming of Jesus Christ is the main event. All that God had given Israel under Moses and through the prophets was leading them to Christ.

According to the Biblical narrative, the calling and destiny of Israel comes to fruition in Jesus Christ. Yet, in Zionism, Israel’s destiny is not “in Christ,” but rather, it is in their national status via covenant with God apart from Jesus. There is no national status in Christ for the Jew, because in Christ, the Jew and Gentile have become one new man.

The apostle Paul goes into great detail to explain that in Christ there is no distinction between the Jew and the Gentile. Yet, the Zionist’s agenda advocates a separation between the Jew and the Gentile.

I recently watched a video of a Zionists teacher claiming that the wall of separation (which is taken away in Christ) will be raised again when Christ returns. No such doctrine exists in the New Testament, and such thinking is contrary to the New Testament revelation of the finished work of Jesus Christ. Jesus died for all, and all who believe in Him, are “one in Him.”

The restoration of the Jew does not mean being grafted back into a physical nation with an identity separate from others in Christ. The restoration of the Jew means being grafted into God’s people (the true Israel of God) and becoming one with all who are in Christ.

The mistake that Zionists often make is that they, knowing Israel has fallen through their rejection of Jesus, believe that they will be restored as a nation in a manner which is separate from those who are one in Jesus.

This ideology is foreign to the teachings of Christ and the doctrine of the apostles; and such unscriptural ideology ought to be rejected. No man comes to the Father except through Christ. In book Romans as Paul expounds on the unbelieving Jew being cut off, he says, “IF THEY WILL NO LONGER ABIDE IN UNBELIEF” they will be grafted in again.

It is not a “physical nation” into which the Jew is once again grafted when he believes the gospel; it is a spiritual nation. It is the body of believers in Christ Jesus, into which the Jew is grafted when he believes!

Jesus is the stone of stumbling and rock of offense, by which Israel has fallen. He is also the precious corner stone to those who believe the gospel. In Him, and in Him alone, the Jew is restored to God.

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