The following was written by my wife as she shared what our 11 year old son wrote about autism:

My son David told me the other day that he was reading a book about a kid named David who was autistic. Then he asked me, “Am I autistic?” I paused for a bit, because I had never, for my own deeply considered reasons, told him he indeed was. He said, “Tell me the truth.” So I did, “Yes, you are.” He and I have had many conversations about this since then. They have revealed the amazing goodness and grandness of my child’s heart. As a result, he wrote the following in his writing class:

“Hi! My name is David and I have autism. I think I should have known this before. When I was in pre-K, I went to a baby class in church. I was singing a song in my head, but I got a little frustrated. My youth teacher noticed this. But that wasn’t what I am mad about. I’m mad about the thing that happened next. They made me sit in a chair until I told them what was wrong. IT DIDN’T MATTER! To this day, I wish that I could travel in time to pick myself out of that stupid chair and be free. But no, the youth teacher didn’t LISTEN! When you have autism, everyone thinks that you have mind issues. But really, your not much different from others. I’m in GTE [Gifted Talented Education], but people are sharing rumors on how I got there. They say stupid stuff like I’m in gifted because my mom wants me to. But that isn’t true. I remembered taking the test that I should be placed in gifted. It was my third grade teacher.

Some people look at autism as a bad thing. It’s not. People with autism can do a lot!

#2 Hi! David again. This is about autism. Everybody thinks your like an alien, but that’s not true. You can be like everyone else. But don’t. Be you. You’re a little boring if your someone else. Be you. Be the person who leads and other people follow. Be you. Even though you have autism, your capable of many things. Be you.”


  1. You are lucky. My autistic boy gets angry easily, gets aggressive n physical n takes forever to pacify, a strain on me, my wife, my daughter’s relationship.

    If children are a gift from God, n God only gives good gifts becos he is goodness, why did I get a damaged gift?

    Hence I believe there is no God cos the bible lied. Good things happen becos of coincidence, not God.


    • What a selfish, ugly, and hateful attitude to have because you think of your son as a damaged gift. There is a God, and that’s why you know nothing about what it means to love your son unconditionally. Your own attitude testifies against you about the lie you believe.

      Your son needs a Father who is proud of him, will nurture him, and who loves him unconditionally. He’s the unfortunate one, not you.


  2. The things i do for my son, you do not know nor did you bother to find out but jumped to conclusions that i know nothing about unconditional love. Pity the ugly christians who think they are above all others. Do you really believe that this is what Jesus would have said too?


    • You, not me are the one who claimed there is no God because you viewed your son as damaged. Your beautiful son is more proof there is a God than you have ever imagined, and if you will open your eyes you will see that. I hope that one day rather than thinking I jumped to conclusions, you will have the thought, “Hey, this man came to the defense of my son! And he’s right, I shouldn’t be saying such things about my son.”

      Right now you are more offended that I stood up to what you said than hearing what I actually said.


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