It is to be regretted that “giving” has been so abused within Christianity. Biblical giving is not some spiritual law that you “activate” to get the things you want.

Biblical giving is generosity out of love. The beauty of true Christian giving is that it shares the love of Christ with others and God always makes up the difference. While some teach you to give to get, the Bible teaches you to simply trust God and have a readiness to show generosity to those in need.

So stop working some system that doesn’t actually exist (except in the vanity of the mind) and be free to allow generosity to be an expression of the real and living relationship you have with God.

God is not bound to any “laws.” God can bless you whether you give anything or not. However, he wants you to give freely as co-labors with him and when you do give he will bless your giving in so many wonderful ways.

Be free to walk with God and love him freely and let his life flow through you to others. You are not bound by “spiritual laws” that have been invented by men.

The only law the Christian is under is the law of love. Let love drive you in your giving and trust God with your life and you will be abundantly blessed!

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