There is not a single verse in your Bible that mentions “the spirit of Jezebel.”

Did you know that?

Most people believe there is based on Jesus’ words in Revelation 2:20, but according to the text, Jesus was addressing a woman who was a SELF PROCLAIMED PROPHETESS and who was teachings ungodly doctrine and practices.

Jesus did not say she had a “spirit of Jezebel.” Jesus simply called her Jezebel, most likely because she had similar traits to Jezebel, the domineering wife of King Ahab, in the Old Testament.

It’s time for those who think they are prophets to get some SOUND DOCTRINE and stop making up things that they think they are called to reveal to the whole body of Christ.

Prophets in the New Testament do not have the same status as prophets in the Old. Prophets were not set in the church to led or guide the church.

The church is under the leadership of Christ who guides his people by His Holy Spirit.

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