Do you remember the man at the gate called beautiful in Acts 3, whom Peter and John healed? (Yes, I know God healed the man through them).


This man was over 40 years old, and the Bible says that he was carried and laid at the gate of the temple every day of his life.

Jesus had ministered at this temple many times. How many times do you suppose that Jesus walked past this man and he didn’t get healed?

Could he have been healed during the time of Jesus? Absolutely.

Why wasn’t he?

Most probably he never sough to be healed by Jesus, and only asked for money. He certainly didn’t ask Peter or John to heal him. He asked them for money.

If Peter had not turn to him and yielded to the power of God, there is a good chance that this man would have spent the rest of his life as a crippled beggar, even though the Son of God and his apostles had walked past him many times.

With his hand held out, asking for money, how many times did he miss his miracle?

What would have happened if like blind Bartimaeus, he had cried out “Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me!”

Alms are good, miracles are better: Don’t let your miracle pass you by simply because you won’t ask!

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