There are some who claim that Isaiah 45 is literally a prophecy about Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, even though it specifically applies to King Cyrus whom God chose at a critical time in Jewish history to help the Jews who returned from Babylon to rebuild Jerusalem.

Now, if a person wants to believe that God has raised up Donald Trump, similar to how he raised up King Cyrus, that’s one thing, but the moment the claim is made that Isaiah 45 is a prophecy about Donald Trump that is error.

Allow me to explain why it is bad interpretation of scripture to claim that Isaiah 45 is prophetic of Donald Trump.

Isaiah, who prophesied about King Cyrus, also prophesied about John the Baptist, and about Jesus.

If we can take a prophecy which applies to King Cyrus and claim it is prophetic of Donald Trump, we swing the door wide open for others to claim that the prophecies in Isaiah concerning Jesus and John the Baptist could apply to others.

If someone were to come along and quote Isaiah 61:1 and apply it to a spiritual leader, other than Jesus, we who follow Jesus would quickly condemn it because the Bible reveals that Isaiah 61:1 applies to Jesus, the Messiah.

Jesus quoted this text in Luke 4, and applied it to himself, and stated that it was fulfilled!

In like manner, the prophecy which applies to King Cyrus was also fulfilled when God raised up Cyrus to do what God called him to do.

Prophetically, Isaiah 45 speaks of King Cyrus, and the words that Isaiah prophesied applies to King Cyrus. They do not apply prophetically to Donald Trump.

Doctrinally speaking, we can see that God will use anyone he chooses to. In fact, the Bible declares that Nebuchadnezzar was God’s instrument to bring judgment on the Jews. In the same way that God used Nebuchadnezzar, God chose to anoint King Cyrus to carry out his plan for the Jewish people at the end of the captivity.

In like manner, God could have chosen to use Donald Trump, and God could use any democrat he chooses to as well. God can use any world leader he wishes to use to accomplish his purposes, but Isaiah 45 is not a prophecy about the person of Donald Trump.

  • It is unbiblical to make such claims.
  • It endorses the “private interpertation” of those who claim to have prophetic insight but who don’t have good doctrine regarding Bible prophecy.
  • It elevates Donald Trump, almost to the point of idolatry.
  • Christians who believe Donald Trump is the fulfilment of Bible Prophecy are reluctant to hold him accountable when he does wrong.

Isaiah was not prophesying about Donald Trump, even as he wasn’t prophesying about Vladimir Putin, Queen Elizabeth, or Hillary Clinton. Isaiah 45 was fulfilled in King Cyrus, the ancient king of Persia some 500-600 years before Christ.


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