Sometimes I use the expressions, “the whole counsel of God,” and “the whole counsel of scripture.” I use these expressions at times when addressing things that are wrongly taught and believed.

Allow me to give a practical example of what I mean.

Someone who embraces full preterism, or universalism, or a combination of the two has made the following comment: “There is nothing more absurd than thinking Almighty God is waiting for my consent to save me. I believe in a God who doesn’t need to be believed in.” 

You will find nothing in scripture that is compatibe with this comment.

Faith and trust in God is a big theme from the beginning unto end, in the Bible. There is not a single text anywhere that endorses unbelief, or makes it an acceptable thing in the eyes of God.

Neither is there a single text anywhere that undermines faith and trust in God as the comment referenced above has done.

When any theology of men effects our thinking about God as the theology embraced by the commenter I referenced, has has affected his thinking, we fail to allow the whole counsel of scripture to keep us in check.

When we ignore the whole counsel of scripture, we ignore the voice, guidence, and convictions of the Lord. We then tread on the dangerous ground of idolarty, creating an image of God which conforms to our foolish thinking.

If we embrace the whole counsel of scripture, we continue to live transformed lives with renew our minds which demonstrate the will of God.

This is why theologies such as full preterism and universalism are so decieving.

These views lead people astray from the overall soundness of the counsel of scripture. If the commenter I referenced were correct, there were be multiple texts (in context) which would harmonize with his conclusion.

There isn’t any.

Before you embrace the ideas of men, examine those views in light of the whole of the scriptures. Allowing the counsel of the entirely of the Bible to be your rule for doctrine will keep you from unnecessary errors that come from the wicked one.

One thing that all errors of heresies have in common is their disconnect from the whole of scripture.

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