When I was a young Christian, I was very hungry for God and I followed people who claimed to have had revelations, visions, and dreams.

Much of my understanding of God’s word was based on those revelations, vision, dreams, and supernatural experiences. I had two personal mentors who I spent much time with. The end result was confusion. My understanding of God’s word and spiritual things was an absolute mess.

It truly took me years to get free from the things I had learned, but the more I sought God for the unadultrated truth and studied the scriptures, I found myself fellowshipping with God and the light of God’s word shined on my understanding. The truth of Christ grew in me, and it was clean, holy, and pure.

As I fellowshipped with God in his word, I found that God’s truth sounded nothing like the claims of the many teachers I followed or the two mentors I learned from.

Eventually, I did come accross the writings of Andrew Murray, who was an wonderful expositor of God’s Word. God used him to nurture me.

It took a long time to untangle the things I had learned, but God’s Word grew and multipled, and today, I am strong in the Lord because of his word.

When ministers who claim to be apostles, prophets, etc., teach their visions, dreams, revelations, and experiences with the intent that their followers would accept it as “divine truth”, be on your guard because error follows such people.

Dreams and visions should only serve to help better understand those things that are clearly supported by the sound doctrine given to us in scriptures.

Though I have had many dreams where I saw symbolic representations of spiritual things, I do not preach or teach those things as doctrine for people to follow. I teach the scriptures.

Once when I was young, I had a dream in which I saw Jesus. I do not preach or teach this, I teach the Bible, nor do I serve the Jesus I saw in the dream. I serve Jesus as revealed in the scriptures whom the Holy Spirit ministers to my heart.

That dream was wonderful, but I seldom think about it and I hold it accountable to the written Word of God. The Jesus in the Bible is of divine authority. The dream I had is subject to scrutiny.

Don’t follow the visions, dreams, or experiences of anyone who claims to have had divine revelation.

If I have a revelation in a dream, I am not called to teach it as doctrine for Christians to follow and herein is the problem with the teachings of those who teach their experiences as divine revelation.

A person can literally make “any claim” and that is a dangerous path to go down.

Stay with the Word of God, and learn the scriptures in context and don’t follow the visions, dreams, and so-called supernatural experiences of those who want to preach and teach their personal revelations as divine doctrine for Christians to embrace.

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