For years I thought that being in the ministry meant being paid or financially supported in some way. This is a westernized idea. Not a Christian truth.

Being in ministry should be about obeying God and doing that which God called us to do. If God called you, the calling is not revoked just because you no longer hold a salaried position or paid for your service.

Many Pastors would be shocked to learn that the apostle Paul elected to pay his own way rather than  use his right to receive support. I no longer desire a paid ministry position, yet I am just as called today as I was 30 or 40 years ago. The gifts and callings of God are without repentance.

I do not need a paid position to fulfill my calling. I simply need obedience to God. In my journey with the Lord, I have learned the joy of sharing my gift freely, while I trust in God to provide for me in my occupation as a flooring contractor.

I pray that I will have stored up treasure in Heaven when I stand before God.

Too often ministry becomes a career and ceases to be a calling. Burnout doesn’t come from obeying our calling. It comes from forsaking our calling in favor of a salary. There is nothing wrong with being paid a salary as a minister, but obedience to God’s  call on our life is not dependent on it. We do what God has called us to do because we love God and find joy in obeying his will for our life.

I teach because I love Jesus, & because I love the truth of the gospel l, & most of all,  because God loves people. Knowing that I am giving people that which God gifted me to do because he loves them, gives me joy and strength.

God has called us because he loves people, and when we co-labor with God and trust him, we find joy in his service and provision for our life.  


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