I am writing this briefly, as I don’t have much time this morning to expound on it. I want give you 4 reasons why the evangelical “prophets” who got it wrong about Trump’s second term , are not true prophets.

1. They are not true prophets because their message about God is not the gospel, and is not in accordance with the gospel of Christ, and is not sound speech according to New Testament doctrine.

2. They do not speak truth to power. They speak what they think is the truth against those whom Donald Trump opposes: Joe Biden, the democrats, the media, and anyone Donald Trump may throw under the bus. Rather than holding Trump to a righteous standard, they pander to him and even follow his lead.

3. They have no real discernment with regards to the manner of man Donald Trump is. They elevate him as God’s chosen to save Christianity and to save America (and in some cases, even the world), and promote him as such in their prophecies. One of them recently prophesied to Donald Trump telling him that he was the apple of God’s eye. They do not discern the truly vile human being that Trump actually is – his arrogance, his constant lying, his con artistry, his bullying, his meanness, his potential to be a dictator, nor his efforts to undermine the very democracy of the United States. Donald Trump is a divisive human being and he uses people for his purposes. Anyone who stands up to him or even stands up for that which is right, if it’s in opposition to Trump, he will turn on them. He has done this with many.

4. Their predictions were wrong. It doesn’t matter that they were right 4 years ago. They were wrong this time. I am sure there are plenty of people who got it right both times who aren’t even Christians. Predicting who will win a presidential election does not make you a prophet. In fact, predicting anything and getting it right does not make you a prophet, but if you are a prophet you don’t go around making false predictions then doubling down and pulling scriptures out of context to cover your error – no republicans are not at the Red Sea, with the election results about to be overturned in Trump’s favor. He lost! It’s over, and his prophets missed it.

If your message about Christ and about the doctrine of Christ is not according to the gospel, you’re not a prophet, and their’s is not. Their message is Christian Nationalism, promoting the gospel of America as a kind of covenant nation to rescue the world from a one world government. This is not the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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