KAT KERR (Part Two)

I recently received a very good question in response to my article on Kat Kerr. I have decided to answer it publicly. Hopefully it will be helpful for those who want the truth. Here is the commenters response to the article:

Hello, I have read your post. It seems your main argument is about SEEING GOD. And it’s clear from your standpoint that no one can see God.

The first thing I would like to understand is, what is SEEING GOD in this context? Is it about seeing all the details of his face? If a man sees the form of God in his brilliance, can we say he has seen God or he hasn’t?

Like if a man stands before God’s throne, and he beholds the brilliance of his essence, is this enough for us to say he has seen God or not?

So help me define well the context in which we are looking at the aspect of SEEING GOD. Thank you.

Here is my reply:

Thank you for the comment, and that is a very good question. Before I answer it I want to say there are many reasons why Christians should reject Kat Kerr’s claims but the most obvious one ought to be her claims of having seen God. 

There were instances in the Bible where people saw God (his form, and/or his glory), not many but only a few, and no one saw his face. I will address this momentarily, but before I do, consider the following:

First, the fact that only a few in scripture had such encounters with God ought to be an indicator to us that such experiences are rare.

Secondly, those who had such experiences with God did not have recurring experiences like Kat Kerr claims to have. Unfortunately, it’s becoming all too popular among false teachers to boast of trips to Heaven. One of them claims to have been to Heaven some ridiculous amount, something like 700 times or so.

Thirdly, those in scripture who had such experiences were deeply affected by God’s glory and power. Their experiences were holy and sacred, unlike today’s false teachers who describe Heaven like a mystical Candy Land or Disney World. The descriptions by Kat Kerr and others who make such claims are in stark contrast to those who had encounters with God in scripture. There is absolutely nothing they have in common.

Fourthly, heavenly experiences in scripture were according to God’s sovereign will in contrast to today’s Heaven travelers who profit from their tales speaking as if they can take off and go to Heaven any time they want to. In fact I recently watched one among them teaching people how to have Heavenly trips.

Now to answer your question. In scripture there were people who had visions of God, but never once does any of them see God’s face. When Moses asked God to see his glory, God specifically said to Moses, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live. Notice that God uses the expression see my face and see me interchangeably. This holds true throughout the entirety of scripture, as no one has ever looked on the face of God except his only begotten Son, Jesus.

No man hath seen God at any time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him. ~ John 1:18

It might be of some help to mention that not even Jesus ever mentioned what God looks like. If anyone is qualified to tell us what God looks like, it was Jesus, and he never did.

There is not a single place anywhere in scripture that describes God’s face, and no one who had a vision of God ever described his face, or even claimed to have seen his face. A case could be made that doing so is forbidden by the second command “thou shalt make no  graven image”, yet Kat Kerr claims she could draw a picture of God’s face from her photographic memory if she were an artist. She is lying.

Consider that if God himself said to Moses “no man can look on my face and live”, and no one in scripture, not even Jesus describes what God’s face looks like, then who is Kat Kerr to claim she could draw the face of God because of her photographic memory? This is the kind of question that Christians should ask rather than being gullible and believing this woman. There is an atheist who has a blog who refuted this woman’s claims with scripture. It truly is shameful when an atheist will take the time to appeal to scripture to refute the lie of a false teacher while a sect of Christians will not, but would rather believe a lie over the scriptures.

I have have an article addressing the visions of God that I will link below:


To read my original post Kat Kerr post follow this link:


3 thoughts on “KAT KERR (Part Two)

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  2. Your articles on people whom’ve stated their personal experience with God are well researched & presented. You were suggested reading by a friend. Thank you!

    I’d not heard of Kat Kerr in particular until a loved one recommended her. I’m the Pantheistic Animist loved ones feel called & compelled to share the good news with… especially as Charismatics & Pentecostals.

    Has Kerr promoted herself as a Prophetess, making Biblically-related predictions? (Using the Torah/Old Testament concept of Prophets as mouthpiece of God.)

    Or is she presenting her own experiences with the Divine? I’ve noticed Kerr is quite careful in crafting herself as receiving personal revelations. Except for her stories of Mediumship (relating stories of the dearly departed), she appears to tread a very thin, fine line.

    Truly interested in your perspective. It’s always a pleasure learning others beliefs.


  3. Kat Kerr is clearly a false prophet because she is not HOLY…all she does is talk about how great she is and often times puts her husband and men in general down…she is full of lies and her testimony is completely made up…she speaks heresy like it’s a second language and really doesn’t love anyone, it’s all about her glory, that’s how you know she is false, fruit.


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