Fallen humanity, whose judgement and understanding is darkened, can never believe that a loving God would send anyone to hell. Fallen man judges by his own righteousness which is flawed by sin, error, ignorance, and vanity.

The one true God, who is love, is revealed throughout the scriptures as the righteous judge, to whom every individual is accountable for his own deeds.

He is the righteous judge, and as the righteous judge, he does not show favoritism. Every man shall give an account for himself to God.

No man can stand before God, guiltless. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. However, God who is just, is also merciful, and he has made provision for the justification of every man in his sight.

Romans 3:25 tells us that God has set Jesus forth as the propitiation (the atoning sacrifice and mercy seat) through whom all who believe will be justified in his sight.

In verse 26, the apostle Paul tells us that through this atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God has declared HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and is JUST and THE JUSTIFIER the one who has true faith in Jesus.

Why would a loving God send people to hell?  Why would a sinner not accept the atonement provided by a loving God to keep him out of hell?

Sin separates man from God, and because of his love, God withholds sinful man from entering his glorious presence. Sinful man cannot stand in the presence of a holy God, without his sins being accounted for.

Through the sacrifice of his Son, Jesus, God has made a way for the sins of sinful man to be accounted for. God accepts the death of his Son, Jesus, as the payment for the man’s sins. Man can now be restored to God, and cleansed from his sins, for the wage for his sins has been paid.

God’s love is just, and if God did not hold man accountable for his sins, he would not be loving, for his love holds back sin from entering his kingdom.

His holy love protects his kingdom and all within it from OUR wickedness. Yet because he is loving, and merciful, and gracious; he offers forgiveness and cleansing from sin through the atonement that he has provided in his Son Jesus Christ.

All are without excuse.

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