Under the Law, love held man back from entering God’s presence.

Only the high priest could enter the presence of God, and only on the Day of Atonement, and only with the blood of sacrificial animals that could not take away sin. Those sacrifices were only a foreshadowing of the glorious redemption that God had not yet (at that time) fully revealed.

The high priest was commanded to enter but, NOT WITHOUT BLOOD.

When Jesus offered himself for us, God unveiled the glorious and hidden plan of redemption. Through his own blood, shed at the cross, Jesus entered into the presence of God for us having obtained our eternal redemption.

Jesus, our great High Priest, entered the presence of God for us, but unlike the priests under the Law who could not abide permanently in the presence of God, Jesus abides there FOREVER to make intercession for us.

Because of Jesus, we too are invited in. We are told to come boldly by his blood, the new and living way, which Jesus has consecrated for us.

The message of the old covenant was that only the high priest may come into God’s presence, and only for a short time, and only once a year, and NOT WITHOUT BLOOD.

The message of the new covenant is COME BOLDLY BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS! For we have been redeemed!

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