According to the Bible, a Bishop must have a good report among those outside of the church.

The sad reality is that there are “so called” apostles and prophets who are hood winking the gullible within the church. Rather than teaching sound doctrine according to godliness, they rant about their Jezebel “insights” and “shifts” and “destiny” etc.

Those who are outside the church can often see right through this, and see it for what it is. When unbelievers have more discernment than believers, it doesn’t speak well of our testimony for Jesus.

Those who teach things which come across as “weird” and “cultish” are not qualified (from a Biblical perspective) to be leaders within the church.

According to the Apostle Paul, a Bishop, “must have a good reputation and be well thought of by those outside the church, so that he will not be discredited and fall into the devil’s trap.” ~ 1 Timothy 3:7

The unbelievers around us need to see Jesus, and they see Jesus when we walk in truth by walking in integrity, humility, honestly, kindness, gentleness, and purity of heart – not when we go around talking about Jezebel and constantly “fighting” some spiritual battle that only exists in our carnal minds.

The real battle that Satan is fighting against the church is that which keeps us preoccupied with ourselves, in our own little world, created by our “air-castle theology.”

This keeps God’s people from growing in grace and walking in sound doctrine. If the devil can cause us to come across as weird or cultish, he can can weaken our influence and testimony in the lives of those who don’t know God.

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