If the apostle Paul had not been inspired by God, and if he had talked like folks talk today, This is what one of his letters to Timothy may have looked like:

Timothy, my beloved armor-bearer:

I wrote to you last November and told you that a shift was in the atmosphere, but Jezebel has been trying to hinder it. We must stand against her and break the power of the words she has spoken against us. Jezebel wants to keep our destiny from manifesting.

Timothy, God is getting ready to do something and we are going to a new level. I break the power of Jezebel!

Remember also, when the things we prophecy don’t manifest, it isn’t because our prophecies are false, its because the people do not activate those prophecies. Most likely its because they are under a generational curse.

Timothy, we must walk in our dominion, and keep confessing the double portion, and surround ourselves with people who are going to speak into our lives those things which help our destiny and purpose come to pass.

We must continue to confess our destiny so God can release our purpose into the earth realm.

Timothy, I am confessing that you will be with us at The Apostolic Conference this fall. We will be prophesying and activating people into their divine assignments. We will be offering “apostolic- life coaching” for twenty five shekels.

Timothy may you be supernaturally blessed.


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