This will be very short and to the point.

There is a saying that is often repeated from pulpits. I am sure I have even said it myself in the past, but it is wrong and there is absolutely no truth in it. It is the idea that we can do things that will usher in the second coming of Jesus.

Oftentimes this idea is advanced as a way to get people involved in a certain line of thinking and action, because by doing so they will supposedly be aiding the ushering in of the coming of the Lord, but the reality is there simply is no such concept taught in the New Testament. If there were, the apostles who gave us the New Testament would have accomplished it.

The idea that we can do things that will usher in the coming of the Lord is false and it gives fertile ground to other false teachings. According to the scriptures we are called to live godly and holy lives because the time of the Lord’s coming is to always be viewed as at hand.

We are instructed over and over again in the New Testament to live in a manner that will be pleasing to the Lord when he returns. Throughout the centuries many saints have done just that. This alone refutes the notion that anyone can do anything to usher in the coming of the Lord.

Jesus is coming in the Father’s timing, which he has reserved to himself. 


  1. Amen! And I do believe there are a number of prophecies that still have to take place first before Jesus returns. They are definitely right on the horizon if not already happening.


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